Year | 2015
Size | H30cm x W50cm x D15cm
Medium | Porcelain, Wood

Edmund de Waal's move from being a potter to a fine artist sent shock waves through the sub-division of the mainstream art world that is pottery. I have the upmost respect and admiration for de Waals work but discussing art and craft isn't possible without debating his work. The frame works its magic. Don't touch. This isn't for use. This is sacred. The white cube gallery has this effect upon objects. Unwelcoming and cold. A house of worship for things to be seen not touched. But functional ceramics are different. They break this notion of a house of worship. People interact with them. Not afraid to pick up a pot and put it down in a different place. Does this talk of their ability to break the gallery or the difficulty in viewing them on the same level as 'art'. The chunky 'de Waal' frame has that effect. Look, don't touch. This is a composition. These are not functional items. I do not wish to Mock de Waal, but use his style, his position in the world to mock the state of the sub-culture that is pottery.