Break in Case of Emergency

Year | 2017
Size | H44cm x W34cm x D20cm
Medium | Porcelain, wood, glass

How much do you know about the history of the ceramic figurine?
The form we would now recognise as a porcelain figurine, began in 18th Century Germany. Extraordinarily expensive items; they formed the ultimate luxury. No palace was to be complete without a collection of the finest sculpted European Porcelain. As always these wealthy individuals contorted public taste and a desire for the figurine was born. From 1780-1900 cheap, shoddy, replicas were produced in there millions and were fashionable. By the time I was born they had descended to become the ultimate uniform to kitsch; cluttering up the homes of those individuals with bad taste. Individuals still keen to hold on to decorative items, rather than moving on to more abstract decoration; space, light, openness. The question that now needs to be asked is exactly what the figurine has come to represent: opulence, mass-produced knockoffs, a show of changing tastes or all of the above.