Year | 2013
Size | Varies
Medium | Stoneware, raku

Curiosity is a fundamental part of who we all are. That innate interest in the things we don’t understand has powered the human race for millennia.
Systemisation; to become part of a whole greater than ourselves. A simple yet complex theory that denotes notions of development whilst simultaneously being trapped. Written in the visual language of architecture these works play with space, both positive and negative, and our perception of it. Designed to appear alien yet familiar, this series suggests function yet remains an unknown. The depth of the burnt black surface suggests weight yet the forms sit lightly on the hand. Balanced and poised this body of work inspires the act of asking questions in order to highlight the often overlooked importance of asking questions in a world where the truth may be obscured.

The Integration collection of works built upon the Systemisation collection by expanding the form out in consecutive layers. These sculptural forms have an impossible quality and inspire curiosity within the viewer by forcing them to ask questions.

The Dissection and Amalgamate works are a collection of works that remove sections of my sculptural forms. These works further confuse the prospect of function within this body. The use of coloured stoneware forms a crucial link between the first series of this body (the Systemisation series), and the second series (the Integration series).