The McLeachin Manifesto

Year | 2017
Size | L300cm x W250cm
Medium | Raku, Plastic

Like every wannabe hippie of my generation, I ironically abhor disposable items; but I’ve come to appreciate their honesty. 99.9% of what we buy is disposable; we just don’t want to admit it. I don't expect to be using my 'bag for life' when I reach retirement.

All objects are born, they live and they die. Disposable items present this difficult truth in the most honest way possible.

As a potter I work in a material that once created will exist forever but most of the actual objects I create will inevitably one day find their way to the floor from some height, on meet an end with a knock on a tap. Ceramic theory, grown from Buddhist philosophy, glorifies honesty in functional objects. This piece embraces Bernard Leaches philosophy, using harsh honesty to undermine this faux-honest philosophy.