Pot on a chair

part of the =?function exhibition
Year | 2015
Size | H90cm x W30cm x D30cm
Medium | Porcelain, Wood
Pot on a Chair is my piece of theatre. My art. My function. Created as part of the =?function exhibition, the pot re-enters the gallery as a conceptual body through which to discuss notions, primarily of the murky relationship between the arts and the crafts; the fundamental idea that underpins this exhibition. Like all 'great' conceptual art is it a ready made, a du Champ tribute. And, of course, it must be phallic. The pot addresses the audience as a lone voice baring its soul to the world. An actor on stage. Dictating. A monologue about what a thrown pot must be to find its way in a fine art gallery. A play about hierarchies, presumptions and the single object that stands on stage.