My most exclusive range

Bright Yellow Porcelain

A unique clay developed during my Masters at the Royal College of Art
Year | 2016
Size | H25cm x W8cm
Medium | Bright Yellow Porcelain

What does it mean to make something real. To make honest objects.

This tableware range, Mendax: considered, functional, Scandinavian-Oriental tableware is "faux-honest" tableware. It embraces its making, its imperfect nature, but does so with hidden intentions. It is comfortable and yet challenging allowing for continual reconsideration.

Honest pots, dishonestly achieving honest goals.
If you’re going to explore colour, you should really explore colour.

Made from a unique bright yellow porcelain that I developed during my Masters in Ceramics at the Royal College of Art; this range, literally, embodies shocking colour. The outsides of all the pieces are left unglazed, leaving the yellow porcelain exposed. The insides are coated with a clear glaze giving a glassy finish.

Grayson Perry said during his Reith Lectures that you can be subtle in bright colours. This range is just that. Shockingly dense in colour with subtly refined details.